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Your new partner for laboratory testing with the intent of validating materials and products to be applied in vehicles.

Widely experienced in auto industry, the team at inLAB offers a collaborative service in order to ensure a high quality standard and meet the ever evolving deadlines and requirements.

We make it possible for our clients to implement their products quickly, safely, rigorously, and economically.

To foster innovation in the mobility industry by providing excellent services in the laboratory testing of materials through a digital commitment and close relationship with their partners.

‘The future of mobility is one of today’s great challenges. In the presence of an increasingly complex and dynamic scenario, creating solutions based on new mobility concepts has become an essential factor for success within the auto industry. It is within this scenario that inLAB acts in order to ensure the quality of solutions proposed by its clients. Our mission – as an independent lab – is to provide constructive collaboration by supporting the design and development of innovative products.

Versatility and flexibility! The result of a thorough understanding of the needs and requirements of the main car manufacturers.

An exclusive digital platform carefully developed for this market. InLAB is a pioneer in the introduction of new interactions between its customers and partners as to provide services with complete transparency, agility, and excellence.

Our team is formed by qualificaty and experienced professionals focused on extremely high quality standards by means of a constant evolution of knowledge.

Multidisciplinary employees who are dedicated, at all times, to finding the most suitable solutions for the specific challenges of each client.


Laboratory Tests

Physical and Chemical Laboratory testing for the approval of materials from vehicle components:

  • Fibres and wires;
  • Woven fabrics, non-woven fabrics, and mesh;
  • Polymers and others.

Accredited testing.


Test management with the need for revalidation in accordance with each client’s specific requirements.

Whether these are product revalidation tests or safety characteristics (i.e. Combustibility), inLAB will carry out all necessary tests within the required periods of time, hence undertaking a complex and expensive activity.


Excellence also means continuous improvement.

Development of new tests for handling emerging technologies in addition to the optimisation of current methodologies that will prevent subjectivity and decrease the error margin.

Sustainability and new functionalities / smart materials: constant research on the technological innovation of materials.

Data Analysis

Digital processing to generate database, enabling: comparative analysis of results, creation of test history and periodic reports.

Leverage the development of new products through the advantages of efficient and safe data analysis, always respecting confidentiality.


Certification through independent institutes to guarantee quality, rigor and impartiality in the services provided.

Accredited Laboratory – NP EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

VW Group (final stage of certification)

Daimler (certification ongoing)

Decision Rules

A portfolio of services entirely dedicated to the approval of materials with the intent of ensuring product quality in the auto industry. We work closely with the main vehicle producers in order to offer excellent services and meet the strict requirements of this market.

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Digital Platform
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Interactive Dashboard
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